Just recently, the Apulia region has become a top international travel destination with its whitewashed trulli, blue skies, golden beaches and unforgettable food and wine.


The unique position of Manduria between sea and vine, reminds us of our views of Lake Garda from Valpolicella's vineyards where our passion for viticulture and hospitality have flourished since 1902.

Masseria Surani, an iconic property surrounded by 100 hectares of vineyards, was the natural choice to become our home away from home.



We are deeply fascinated by Surani, a land surrounded by nature and beauty. Our imagination leads us to believe that Surani is guarded and governed by a legendary figure, a woman named Soranì.

Surani is a woman of many facets, a plural feminine whose connection with nature and the land is expressed through a profound bond with the four fundamental elements: Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. Surani embodies within herself four interconnected, different, and complementary personalities.

From time to time, Soranì transports us to new atmospheres, showing us through her eyes the flavors, aromas, and spirit of the Mediterranean.


Masseria Surani covers 125 hectares of which 100 are currently under vine. Winters are mild, and the summers are torrid but mitigated by cooling breezes from the sea only 10 km away.

Masseri SURANI - vineyards 2
Masseri SURANI - vineyards 2

The predominantly calcareous soil tempers the heat, and its permeability makes it an excellent reserve for the plants during the hottest months. The striking red-ochre color is due to the presence of iron.

The vineyards, planted guyot with a density of 5.550 vines/ha, were studied to perfectly blend with surrounding cultivations. Wooden poles support the ends of each row. A galvanized iron pole supports the trellis at the center of each row. An emergency irrigation system is available for extreme periods of drought.

Primitivo, Negroamaro, Fiano and Cabernet Sauvignon are the four varieties we planted. We manage the vineyards respecting natural resources and biodiversity.

Primitivo is the star of the region. The name evokes its precociousness in every phase of the growing season. It is usually one of the first to be harvested in all of Italy.


As most "prima-donnas", the Primitivo is a delicate and fickle vine, so the very best, ventilated plots were chosen and planted with a rootstock that controls the vigor of the plant.

Our Primitivo looks for elegant restraint and lower alcohol levels than the typical fruit-forward Zinfandel styles that are frequently seen today in Puglia.

“I see Primitivo as the wine of the future. It is a wine that is pleasant and soft, but with personality: the wine that can please every palate and enter every market worldwide. It is no small feat for a grape to encompass all of these extraordinary qualities”.Fabio Mecca-Paternoster, Masseria Surani Oenologist


Golden grains of sand line 18 km of mostly wild beaches on natural reserves in Manduria, which is on the instep of Italy's heel in the Taranto province of Apulia. The Chidro river, the most important in Salento, flows within a Natural Reserve "Orientata del Litorale Tarantino Orientale". The area boasts a vast Archeological Park with ruins of the Messapi, ancient inhabitants of the peninsula. Today, Manduria is an economic force of the Salento region. The city flows from the Murge hills to the Ionian Sea, in a series of naturalistic oases, vineyards and olive groves.