Masseria Surani is already showing its potential to produce exceptional wines from the region's native grapes.
The focus of our project is Primitivo, Negroamaro and Fiano, which we consider the grapes best suited to the deep red calcareous and clay soils.

Our philosophy has always been a balanced approach to achieving the utmost quality and expression of place. A flexible framework respects tradition and evaluates the benefits of modern interpretation.
Today, we plant our vineyards high-density, guyot with low yields to achieve wines that are unique, expressive, and above all, made to enjoy.

Masseria SURANI - primitivo
Masseria SURANI - primitivo

Giancarlo Tommasi laid the groundwork for organizing the winery and recuperating or replanting the vineyards over the course of the first two years.

An ambitious project like Masseria Surani requires constant presence, and so today, Paternoster's enologist, Fabio Mecca Paternoster has joined Giancarlo in the oversight of the estate's vineyards and wines.

Fabio Mecca Paternoster explains that "the work begins in evaluating the limit and potential of each parcel, and then educating the vine to achieve its potential.

We do our best to extract the grape's personality, and we do this for every parcel and plot based on aspect, soil, and climate. Our work begins with winter pruning and continues until we are satisfied that the wines are ready for sale."

“Masseria Surani represents a synergic project, or as we often say in Italian, "four-handed", with Giancarlo Tommasi. We are constantly comparing notes and ideas before deciding the best course of action in the vineyards and winery. I feel an even greater sense of responsibility here because I know how important it is for the Tommasi family."

Fabio Mecca Paternoster, Masseria Surani Oenologist



The winery is adjacent to the main building of the old farm compound, or "Masseria".

Masseria SURANI - cellar 3
Masseria SURANI - cellar 3

Here, we house all the equipment and stainless steel tanks to guarantee the complete supervision of the winemaking process.

The aging for the red wines takes place in 25 hl Slavonian oak barrels, except for the Primitivo Riserva which also undergoes aging in 500 lt. tonneaux.